Rebirth Breathwork Certificate

Learn how to easily release long held patterns of behaviour and create a positive change in people’s lives.

In this powerful training you will learn:

  • The major influences that develop the personality.
  • How to work with the Chakras and the Kundalini energy system.
  • How to release the emotional charge from the body’s cellular memory.
  • How to facilitate paired eye to eye and water Rebirth sessions and to have the opportunity to release your own limiting personal patterns.

During most classes you will practise with fellow students working both on their issues and your own issues.

The Curriculum Contains:

  • 17 days of in-class training and processes.
  • 20 supervised breathwork sessions (10 supporter; 10 breather).
  • 21 hours Rebirth Breathwork training.
  • Ten training videos
  • Ten assessments.
  • Mentoring – Six personal 30-minute on-line/telephone sessions.

The Rebirth Breathwork Training is made up of the following three modules which need to be successfully completed withing 24 months.

MODULE ONE – Rebirth Weekends

  • Four weekends – each weekend has two seminars, process and two Breathwork sessions.

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MODULE TWO – Chakra Coolum Training

  • Nine Days
  • 12 supervised Breathwork sessions
  • Six hours Breathwork training
  • Seven hours Chakra training

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MODULE THREE – Rebirth Training Videos

  • Ten videos.
  • Ten assessments.
  • Mentoring – Six 30-minute, on-line or telephone.

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A Rebirth Breathwork certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course.


Michael Adamedes, BA Dip Ed CertRb DipReb, is one of the pioneers of Rebirthing in Australia. With more than 40 years in private practice and having trained more than 650 Breathwork practitioners.