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Can you imagine a life free of worry and stress? How would it feel to lead a secure, prosperous life filled with love and joy?

“Say Hello to Happiness” offers a proven thirty-one day path to happiness and fulfillment. Whilst the book’s presentation is fun, informative and uplifting, the content is insightful, trans-formative and profound, as it communicates directly to the unconscious mind.

If the 31 affirmations in this book are absorbed one day at a time, as intended, you will experience:

a greater sense of self-worth
more harmonious relationships
significantly lower levels of stress
a sustained zest for life!
This extraordinary book reveals, for the first time, Adamedes Triad of Primal Self-Limiting Beliefs: the three categories of beliefs that underlie unhappiness. The result of thirty years of psychological detective work by the innovative Australian psychotherapist Michael Adamedes, the book was developed in collaboration with inspirational educator Robert Prior. “Say Hello to Happiness” heralds a breakthrough in the understanding of the fundamental causes of stress and unhappiness and provides renewed hope for the individual and humanity as a whole.

Get ready to embark on an uplifting journey of discovery!