Rebirth Training Videos

The videos are presently in production and will be available for sale from the 1st May 2024

Training Video Series Includes:

  • 10 Videos
  • 10 Assessments
  • Six Mentoring Sessions – 30 – minute on-line or telephone

Video Topics:

    1. Introduction to Breathwork
    2. Core Techniques
    3. Physiology of Breath
    4. Birth and Beliefs
    5. Case Studies/Managing Clients
    6. Psychology of Breathwork
    7. Advanced Breathwork Techniques
    8. Latest Research and Developments
    9. Ethical Considerations and Best Practice
    10. Clinical Practice and Professional Development

Each video is accompanied with an assessment. It is recommended that you complete the assessment before watching the next video.
The six mentoring sessions are intended to help you develop your practitioner skills.
Cost: $890