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For most people, thinking is an unconscious habit.

“I don’t have to believe every thought I think. I have a choice. I choose to believe the thoughts that empower me and others.”

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Never compromise on Love, only compromise on details.

– Michael Adamedes –

Horizontal Development

It’s working out the practical aspects of your life. For instance your career, relationships, finances and health. In many instances it requires setting goals and developing your action plan to implement those goals.

Horizontal development is critical for your day to day activities and survival. It relates to your conscious mind and the things that are happening to you now.

Vertical Development

Examines the psychological and emotional causes of your behaviour and the circumstances of your life. Often it requires an understanding of your childhood experiences and the personalities of your parents.

Sometimes, it can be emotionally challenging to look at past circumstances. It relates to your unconscious mind and the ability to permanently change limiting behaviours.

beyond personal limitations


Life is a paradox, it’s what you know that has enabled you to progress in your life and at the same time it’s what you know that limits you from progressing further. How can you let go of your limitations while at the same time retaining what supports you?

You would imagine that this should be straightforward, the behaviours and thoughts that limit you should be apparent because they show up as struggle, unhappiness, illness and loneliness, and therefore be easy to recognise. But often these thoughts and behaviours are extremely difficult to recognise in spite of their limiting effects in your life.

Michael Adamedes at Inner Peace Mastery, specialises in identifying and releasing these thoughts and behaviours that limit your life. He uses a range of techniques and processes ranging from personal counselling to group retreats. Personal counselling is best for working out specific problems and immediate issues, while group work also focuses on specific problems, it is also educational, interactive and experiential.

Michael has had more than 40 years experience in helping people with relationships, career, health and spiritual issues. He is an astute detective of the unconscious mind. Within the first hour of counseling a client, he can usually identify their patterns of self-limiting thinking and the causes of their self-sabotaging behaviours. He has created and developed Dysfunctional Pattern Clearing, a therapy for releasing negative psychological and emotional patterns.

Many of his clients have experienced a transformation, from being alone and unhappy to falling in love and finding a life-long partner; from struggling in their business to becoming financially secure; or from being depressed and
disillusioned to being vital and happy.