Life is a paradox, it’s what you know that has enabled you to progress in your life and at the same time it’s what you know that limits you from progressing further. How can you let go of your limitations while at the same time retaining what supports you?

You would imagine that this should be straightforward, the behaviours and thoughts that limit you should be apparent because they show up as struggle, unhappiness, illness and loneliness, and therefore be easy to recognise. But often these thoughts and behaviours are extremely difficult to recognise in spite of their limiting effects in your life.

Michael Adamedes at Inner Peace Mastery, specialises in identifying and releasing these thoughts and behaviours that limit your life. He uses a range of techniques and processes ranging from personal counselling to group retreats. The personal counselling is best for working out specific problems and immediate issues, while the group work also focuses on specific problems it is also educational, interactive and helps to release stress.

Michael has had more than 30 years experience in working with relationships, career, money, health and spiritual issues. He is an astute detective of the unconscious mind. Within the first hour of counseling a client, he can usually identify their patterns of self-limiting thinking and the causes of their self-sabotaging behaviours. He has created and developed Dysfunctional Pattern Clearing, a therapy for releasing negative psychological and emotional patterns.

Many of his clients have experienced a transformation, from being alone and unhappy to falling in love and finding their soul mate, from never having a cent in the bank to being able to buy investment properties, or from being constantly depressed and sick of life to being vital and happy.

Michael conducts three different types of weekend retreats, Creating Loving Relationships, Love & Power and the Rebirthing Residential, and three longer retreats The Enlightenment Experience (21 days), The Elements Retreat (7 days) and Chakra Bali (10 days). Although the retreats employ a diverse range of psychological, emotional and energetic healing modalities they all work towards the same outcome of transcending limiting thoughts and behaviours to achieve an empowered, loving meaningful life.

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Personal Counselling

Identifying and releasing unconscious personal limitations that stop you from being happy and successful.

Weekend Retreats

Weekend workshops to empower, enliven and delight you. Most of the retreats are conducted at the tranquilly beautiful Awaba Retreat.

Chakra Bali

Personal Transformation in Paradise. 10 days in paradise to relax, meditate, rejuvenate, re-focus, detoxify and have the experience of your life.

Enlightenment Experience

This is bootcamp for the soul. Releasing personal limitations and acquiring the attributes of awareness and detachment.

Our Services

  • Relationships, Counselling and Education

    Relationships are the stuff of life. When they work, they provide the vital foundation for success in all other aspects of your world.
  • Business and Career

    Achieve your business goals, be happy and successful in your career by releasing the unconscious psychological and emotional patterns that limit you.
  • Stress and Anxiety

    Unresolved stress and anxiety makes everything you do just that much more difficult and tiring. Life is meant to be simple and flowing. The deeper causes of stress and anxiety all have their foundation in your thinking, feeling and behaviour.
  • Life Direction / Purpose

    When you know who you are, then you will know what you need to do. Having a clear purpose and direction in life enables you focus you energy and attention on what is meaningful and then become successful and content with your life.


  • Michael is really amazing, inspiring and builds on a lot of previous learning, plus gives a lot of new powerful stuff that is very empowering.
  • He is fantastic!!  Everything was so relevant and explained in a manner that was easily understood – loved it all!
  • Michael you are very gifted speaker and teacher. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.
  • As always beautifully presented with incredible gentleness and humour. An amazing man. Loved how Michael brings it all back to practical day-to-day life.