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The challenge of our time is to deal with the collective fear that most people experience every day.

By fear, I mean the thoughts and feelings of anxiety, scarcity, survival and aloneness that we are exposed to through the media and everyday circumstances.

These fears have been part of the human condition for millenia, but at this time they are magnified by our pace of life and the instant communication we are constantly exposed to.

At the same time, we have available to us the best methodology for dealing with this anxiety and moving past it.

In this series of free webinars Michael is sharing the theory and practical solutions to permanently transcending the “fears” of life.

These free webinars will be run every second Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:00pm. Starting Tuesday 21st April 2020.

Registration is essential - Limited places available.

WHEN:      6:30pm – 8:00pm Tuesday 21st April 2020

REGISTER: Click Here

Registration is essential Limited places available.